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Your Custom Cushman is the name to know when you want to be recognized as the top fan for your team. Cushman scooter restorations and customizations from our Naples, Florida, professionals creatively show others on the road your sports team affiliation. Everything having to do with our custom scooters is uniquely painted-there are no decals because everything our company creates is a limited edition! Contact us today for Cushman scooter restorations that do more to promote your favorite sports team than any hat, shirt, or other piece of apparel could ever do.

Roadworthy Sports Scooters
Beware. You're looking at a Website for Cushman restorations that will instantly become addicting when you see the quality of our work. What is your favorite sports team? Is it a professional or collegiate squad? Is it a team that plays internationally or domestically? No matter which team you root for, you can have it emblazoned on your 2-wheel ride with our superior scooter restorations.  
The Coolest Collectibles in Your Neighborhood
Don't think about it too long because we limit each team to one scooter restoration. Due to licensing, we're only allowed to use each team once, and it must be signed by the artist as a "1 of 1" limited-edition piece of art. We guarantee we will never do a team twice, making you the sole owner of a Cushman scooter depicting artwork of your favorite sports team.

E-mail us or call us today at (877) 669-4097 to find out if our Cushman restorations include a team you're looking for.


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